Sri Lanka’s Best Kept Secret

Lipton’s seat is one of the best kept secrets in Sri Lanka, hidden in the misty hills of Haputale. The journey is not that easy but it’s well worth an effort. The place is located 1970 metres above sea level near Dambatenne Tea Factory and its breath taking view might only be matched with the famous ‘Worlds End in the Horton Plains’. The story behind Lipton’s Seat is that the Scottish Tea Baron Thomas Lipton bought the estate to survey his flourishing empire which later was named after him following his death. Take the narrow pavedroad through the Tea Factory and walk through the lush green blankets of tea bushes. During the hike the cold air ismixed with refreshing mist and the lush greenery over the mountain tops will give you a special feeling about nature.From the Tea Factory it will take approximately two and a half hours to cover the 7 kms ascent to the top. It is recommendedto start early morning to catch the beauty before the mist seeps in, once on top you can grab a hot cup of tea.

By: Team Destination Knowledge Centre

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