Learn New skills in Jaipur

If you are working on a Rajasthan itinerary for a small intimate group (not more than 8 pax) and plan to offer fun hands-on experience, we recommend Jaipur. You will be amazed at some of the learning experiences on offer for your clients who love beautiful fabrics, jewellery or their crafts. The best part being all these experiences are half-day duration and can be easily included with the main sights of Jaipur. There is no pressure to buy anything at any point of time during these learning experiences. And yes!! Your clients get to carry their creation as souvenirs. You may want to include our Meenakari jewellery enameling workshop, a great insight into one of India’s oldest and most sophisticated jewellery making techniques. An ancient art form of decorating metal with enamel, Meenakari travelled to Jaipur from Persia. Your clients will be introduced to extremely talented Meenakari artists, with whom they will work in traditional jewellery workshops, learn how to make designs on paper and create their own piece of Meenakari jewellery. Another fun learning experience in Jaipur is our miniature painting workshop. Jaipur has some remarkable artists who will introduce your clients to a timeless world, where men and women, birds and animals, trees and flowers are depicted in an impossibly small scale. The detailing is incredibly. The session starts with a live demonstration of the different styles and aspects of Jaipur’s miniature style of painting. Your clients will be briefed about colours, brushes, paper and other material which will be provided before they start their do-it yourself session. For those of your clients who love beautiful fabrics, we recommend you include our block printing workshop in Bagru which is on the outskirts of Jaipur. In Bagru, before your clients start creating their own fabric we will visit over 5-7 local houses to learn about this 300-year old Textile art. Our friends in Jaipur who are passionate locals and enjoy a great rapport with these artisans will be with your clients during these workshops and help strike conversation.

By: Kuntil Baruwa

Kuntil Baruwa is our explorer-in-residence. He travels all over the Indian sub-continent to make friends with locals and use their recommendations to design unique experiences for the inquisitive savvy traveller.

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