Governor’s Theme Dinner

The governor’s dinner was a formal affair, which used to happen during the arrival of any foreign dignitary or to please any person of strategic importance to the Governor in the region. It was characteristically marked by seating the people in certain groups and the service of the best food and wine available in region. The service was done by the people who were then called the bearers. The bearers wore an elaborate head gear and a white uniform. The table’s settings would almost always be red and white.

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By: Kuntil Baruwa

Kuntil Baruwa is our explorer-in-residence. He travels all over the Indian sub-continent to make friends with locals and use their recommendations to design unique experiences for the inquisitive savvy traveller.

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  1. সময় এসেছে। ঈশ্বরের রাজত্ব হাতে। অনুতাপ এবং গসপেল বিশ্বাস। (মার্ক 1:15)

    समय आ गया है। ईश्वर का राज्य हाथ में है। पश्चाताप करते हैं और सुसमाचार में विश्वास करते हैं। (मरकुस 1:15)

    وقت آ گیا ہے. خدا کی بادشاہی ہاتھ میں ہے. خوشخبری اور انجیل میں یقین رکھو. (مرقس

    The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.
    (Mark 1:15)

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