Discover Sri Lanka Your Own Way – Rally In Colombo & Galle

Forget the traditional sightseeing, here we bring you a fun way to discover the city hands-on,through games and activities. Divided into teams of two, explore the city of Colombo and Galle at your own pace using our specially designed maps and clues provided. Earn maximum points by answering questions and clicking selfies.A selfie in front of some historic monument can earn you as much as 1000 points.You will cover the major sights of the city on foot as well as on Segway following a pre-defined route designed by us. Needless to say, by the end of the tour you’ll not only get to know the city but also its culture and day-to-day lifestyle.

By: Kuntil Baruwa

Kuntil Baruwa is our explorer-in-residence. He travels all over the Indian sub-continent to make friends with locals and use their recommendations to design unique experiences for the inquisitive savvy traveller.

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